The Must-Have Closet Organizer Has Arrived!

Experience Innovation Designed to Fit Your Handbags & go Easy on Your Wallet

The patented Handbag Hangup® has the useful unique features that makes it the easiest and safest way to organize your handbags, ball caps, scarves and belts.  The steel hook at the top of the Handbag Hangup® allows you the choice of hanging it on a closet rod, closet door hook, or even on a nail - anywhere it is more convenient for you.   You don't need tools to install and use it - just hang it up and start organizing.  The easy to open and close hanging loops securely hold even the heaviest handbags and the size of handbag is not a problem with the Handbag Hangup™!   The quality fabric construction of the Handbag Hangup™ will stand up to years of continuous use and will not tear like vinyl hangers have tendency to do.

3 different styles of the Handbag Hangup® offer you options to best fill your particular organizational needs.  The # HBH005 is a single sided hanger that has 7 hanging loops each with hook and loop fasteners.  It is the best choice for hanging on hooks or nails.   It is great for handbags and ball caps.  The # HBH006 is a double sided hanger that has 7 hanging loops on each side that allows 14 or more handbags to be stored.   The # HBH007 is the deluxe double sided model that has a rotatable hanging hook, 7 hanging loops with hook & loop catches on one side and 7 hanging loops with magnetic catches on the other.  The hanging loops with the magnetic catches are perfect for safely hanging silk and loose knit scarves yet are strong enough to securely hold heavy handbags.

Experience our safe system that you easily put in place. Feel our high quality, multi-colored materials that protect your accessories through their lifetime. Check out the rotating hook on the deluxe model which enables you to easily access from closet rods, walls or doors. Utilize 7 loops per side to get your forgotten handbags off the floor. Fit your petite or mommy-sized handbags on our magnetic or hook & eye loop locking systems.

Who knew it takes so little effort, money and time to organize such an important collection?


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