The Ultimate Handbag Hangup® Deluxe

Designed with the help of customers like you, our patented Deluxe hand bag organizer includes all those special details.  Now you can enjoy extra features enabling you to view selections more quickly, while carefully managing delicate accessories. Don't let the attractive design options fool you into thinking this is anything less than the hardest working organizer you'll ever buy.

Grab 'n Go Hook & Loop Fasteners

One side features 7 hook & loop catches designed to fit your handled purses of any weight and size. The hook and eye fastening system, comparable to Velcro®, is strong enough to hold small to large purses and backpacks. This design gives you the chance to grab and go, as you choose the perfect purse for every occasion.


Snag-Free Magnetic Fasteners

On the other side you'll find the grab 'n go magnetic fasteners are a real catch, while the faux suede fabric is a must-have detail.  Now your scarves and other delicate accessories have a care-free solution.  Test it out and you'll immediately understand why this is our Deluxe storage solution.



Find-it-Fast Hook & Double-Sided Storage

The metal hook at the top allows the holder to be hung on a hook, nail, hanger or closet rod so you can effortlessly organize and store your growing collection.  Better yet, it swivels so that you can quickly view both sides for trouble-free viewing and selecting.



Stores All His & Hers Accessories

Imagine transforming your closet in mere minutes as you create the ultimate home for all your collections. Whether it's purses or backpacks on the Hook & Loop side, or belts, caps, scarves, or clothing on the magnetic fastener side - each of you are guaranteed to love the results.


Colors:  Available in Solid Colors and in Patterns
Size:       3 1/2"wide x 45"long
Model No. HBH007-LA (Color: Lavender)
Model No. HBH0007-OWH (Color: Off White)
Model No. HBH0007-PBP (Color: Blue Paisley Pattern)
Model No. HBH0007-PRH (Color: Red Bag Pattern)
Model No. HBH007-RE (Color: Red)
Check your favorite retailer, catalog or estore for availability.

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