The Scarf Storage Solution

Most people store their scarves in drawers or storage boxes where the scarves become wrinkled and creased and sometimes overlooked or forgotten. The Scarf Hangup™ solves the problem of storing scarves by letting you move the scarves from the drawer or storage box to the closet where they can be neatly hung on the closet rod. This keeps them unwrinkled, organized and in sight for easy accessorizing of your outfit.

The Scarf Hangup™ can hold up to 14 scarves on the 7 hanging loops on each side of the hanger. Each hanging loop securely closes with magnetic catches that will not snag or damage your delicate silk and knit scarves yet are strong enough to hold heavy wool scarves. This solves the problem of storing both his and her heavy wool winter scarves and mufflers. The Scarf Hangup™ is the easiest to use, most accessible, and in every way the best solution for organizing and keeping your scarves handy and ready to wear.

Scarf Hangup


• Stores up to 14 scarves

• Makes accessorizing outfits a snap

• Eliminate creases and wrinkles when storing scarves

• Hang winter scarves and mufflers

• 7 hanging loops on each side fasten securely with magnetic catches

• Magnetic catches will not snag and damage your most delicate scarves

• Makes it easy to attach and remove scarves and holds them securely

• Hangs on either closet rod or hook for convenient access

• Quality construction with 2 layers of heavy gauge cotton canvas

• Patented in the US, Europe, and China

Colors:  Available in Eggshell Blue and Tapioca
Size:       3 1/2” wide x 45” long
Model No. SH0002-EB (Color: Eggshell Blue)
Model No. SH0002-TA (Color: Tapioca)
Check your favorite retailer, catalog or estore for availability.



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